All experiments can be used in physics lessons for demonstration and also for quantitative experiments. They also work without any problems on any smartphone, so that every student can work with the simulations themselves.

The control (except for Milikan) works via the cursor keys (set and change sizes) and the c and x keys. With “P” you can pause and reset the simulation.

I’m sure there are many more simulations on these topics on the net, but I haven’t found any in 8-bit optics yet.

All simulations were created with pico8. https://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php

Throwing motion!

Simulation: Throwing motion


X,Y - coordinates

V - velocity

W - angle

C - friction strength

M - mass

Electron in electric field

Simulation: Electric field


U_B - acceleration voltage

U_A - deflection voltage


Simulation: Millikan


Electron in magnetic field

Simulation: Magnetic field

Simulation: Schuster - simplified version of Magnetic field


v - velocity

b - magnetic flux

winkel - angel

Photoelectric effect

Simulation: Photoelectric effect


F - frequenzy

Int - intensity

U_G - Countervoltage

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